Sydney City North/West CBD Data Centre – Major Electrical Upgrade

This project involved the replacement and upgrading of the existing electrical reticulation system in a 16 storey operational data facility within Sydney’s CBD. The works comprised 4 new 4000 Amp Main Switchboards split over two Main switch rooms on separate floors. The system then reticulated via dual electrical risers in turn feeding new distribution boards at each level.

Project Highlights & Challenges:

  • Installation of 4 x 4000Amp MSB’s , 1 x 5000Amp EPP MSB
  • Installation of 1.6 km of busduct ranging from 1600 Amp to 5600 Amp.
  • Installation of 1.7km cable support system
  • Installation of 30 x 1000 Amp Electrical Distribution Boards
  • Installation of 24  x 100 Amp Mechanical Distribution Boards
  • Installation of 14 Essential  / Non-Essential ATS’s
  • Installation of 14 MIM’s to Cable transition junction box’s
  • Installation of vast amounts of fire rated submain cabling
  • Electrical fit out of 2 x new MSB Room’s
  • Fire Services installation over three levels, including fire trip interface for all essential services.
  • AMS / BMS installation to all new electrical equipment
  • Fire rating of all new and existing electrical riser  / equipment room penetrations
  • Fault finding and rectification of transposed Neutral conductors.
  • Demolition and removal of existing MSB Equipment and redundant electrical services through 16 levels.
  • Material handling and storage with limited space and disruption to the building operations.
  • 3 x1250kVA containerised generators installed within the forecourt of the building providing temporary back up power to the existing EPP MSB
  • Staged cutover and commissioning of all building supplies and services during controlled out-of-hours operations.
  • Project completed incident free and within original construction programme

Astute staging by the project team meant the building maintained its electrical integrity throughout the project. In its basic form the staging occurred as follows:

  1. Extensive Load monitoring and site surveys of existing electrical reticulation.
  2. Installation of new MSB Room and 2 x New 4000 Amp Main Switch Boards with new busway reticulation feeding a New Electrical Riser and associated New Electrical and Mechanical DB’s on each level.
  3. Due to the existing emergency power plant being close to its capacity, 3 x1250kVA containerised generators were installed within the forecourt of the building providing temporary back up power to the existing EPP MSB. These works were completed over three nights with road closure management to one of Sydney CBD’s main roads to prevent any disruption the building and busy main street. Each generator was suspended via structural steel supports and crane lifted into position. The temporary plant underwent synchronising & building load testing before being brought on-line during the staged cutover of supplies.
  4. Whilst the building operated on its temporary generator supply, Energy Australia outages were conducted to install new consumer mains busway to the new MSB’s which temporary fed the existing MSB via busway to cable transition box’s.
  5. This allowed the energisation of a new electrical  riser, associated DB’s and the controlled cutover of new Alternate supplies to existing equipment ATS’s throughout the levels.
  6. Once all building supplies were cutover or biased to the new MSB supplies  the decommissioning of the existing MSB and the installation of second mirror imagine MSB room and electrical riser were completed and commissioned.

The project was made increasingly challenging due to two projects running concurrently on the same level with – Link to SGP Project

The project was successfully completed on time and budget to high quality standard. Overall the construction team designed & developed 27 methods of procedure to complete the staged cutover works. Our Engineer’s gained a comprehensive knowledge of the building and its electrical reticulation which enabled the construction works to be conducted in a convincing and safe manner with no comprise made to the electrical integrity of the telecommunication equipment or building at any time.

Value $9mil