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Fairfield City Council Leisure Centre – HVAC Refurbishment Upgrade

Ryan Wilks has just completed major upgrade works to the Fairfield Leisure Centre on behalf of Fairfield City Council.

The work involved the replacement of the existing roof mounted air conditioning units that serve the indoor pool and other areas of the complex. In addition to the replacement of the air conditioning units the works involved major building works, electrical power upgrades and installation of new BMS control system.

Costs savings, or offsetting of works from our re-design proposals enabled the enhancing of the installation by the installation of a new eastern slab for the air conditioning plant and the install of new roof access stairs.  The new slab replaced A proposed steel platform.

The new slab provides significant advantages in that it was larger than the proposed platform and required no long-term maintenance that the steel platform would have required. The new roof stairs and security gate replaced the existing (non-compliant) small rung ladder for the below pool plantroom and a small roof access hatch.

The western roof works involved three (3) major crane lifts requiring access to the front carpark and restrictions to the gym area. With careful planning, and assistance of the FLC staff we were able to co-ordinate these lifts efficiently.

We are extremely proud of the works that we have completed on site. The new roof stairs provide safe access to the roof and the new east slab and platforms provide safe and clear access to all the roof air conditioning plant.

The overall product is testament to work that Ryan Wilks and our team of core contractors can provide high end quality installations and provide viable cost-effective options to enhance the initial design that has resulted in this high-quality installation.

The works could not have been completed without the assistance of Council and more importantly the Leisure Centre Staff. The pool is open 5:45 am to 9:30 pm every day with 24 hr gym access.

We thank Fairfield Leisure Centre staff for their assistance throughout the project and to Fairfield City Council for the opportunity to work on this major upgrade project. It was pleasure for our site team to work in such a positive and co-operative work environment.

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