• $ 194 Mil

Generator Control System Upgrade – Strategic Communication Site

As part of the major infrastructure upgrade works on this site Ryan Wilks has completed the third and final stage of the Generator Upgrade works, The installation and commissioning of new stand alone generator controls system.

The works involved the replacement of the old generator controls system with a new state of the art system including replacement of all control panels and field wiring. This new system was also integrated into the recently completed cooling system and fuel system upgrades. To facilitate the works a temporary generator set was installed and tested to act as the emergency back up generator during the cut over and commissioning phases of the works. Where possible new trays were installed and new control cabling rough-in in readiness for the final cut over phase of the works.


The works involved:

  • Supply of a new Generator Control Panel.
  • Supply of a new Generator Fuel control Panel.
  • Supply of a mimic control display panel in the remote fill point panel.
  • Supply and installation of a  Generator AUX DB.
  • Supply of a new Generator Battery Panel.
  • Modifications (upgrade) to existing Generator to suit new controllers.
  • Full site wiring.
  • Commissioning and load testing, including building load testing.

The works conducted simultaneously on site with other major electrical and lighting upgrade works and required full time hands on supervision and co-ordination with the other trades but more importantly our client and their tenants.

As the major communication centre relaying television, radio and telecommunications for Canberra and the southern regions all outages and shutdowns had to be well co-ordinated and agreed with all parties well advanced of any proposed major works being undertaken.

Thanks to all involved on another successful project

Value: $194,000.00                             Total RW Upgrade Works Value: $1,278,000.00

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