• $ 505 Mil

Generator Cooling System Upgrade – Strategic Communication Site

Ryan Wilks  has recently completed a major mechanical pipework installation for the generator cooling system at a strategic communication site in the ACT. The works involved the demolition and removal of the old cooling water pipework system and cooling tower and the installation of a new remote radiator cooling system.

These works were part of major upgrades works that were occurring on site at the time and the works had to be well planned and implemented to meet the scheduled site shut windows. In our instance the actual change over of the generator from the old to the new cooling system had to be completed during the period that a temporary generator was installed on site to allow our works, as well as new generator controls and fuel system upgrade works to be carried out.


The major works were completed well in advance of the temporary generator being delivered to site. This included:

  • Installation of new remote radiator on the roof of the main building.
  • Installation of new high and low temp cooling water circuits from the basement area to the roof through new risers.
  • Installation pf new cooling water pumps and heat exchangers in the generator room.

The completion of these works and subsequent pressure testing and insulation of the pipes meant that only the short connections from the generator to the new heat exchanger had to be completed during the critical shut down period

The control of the new generator control system is cutting edge and was designed and  developed by Rudds Consulting Engineers in Canberra. The the flow of water through the cooling circuits is controlled by engine leaving water temperatures (primary circuit)  via the cooling water pump variable speed drives. The “cooling” of the secondary water circuit is controlled by the temperature of the water entering the remote radiator. The radiator controller will modulate the  operation of, and the speed of the radiator fans to bring the water back to the set point. An innovative design that should provide the client with long term costs savings, and simple control of the cooling systems.

Once again thank you to all those who took part and assisted in this another successful project.

Project Value:   $505,000.00

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