Ryde Hospital – Chattery Walkway & Main Driveway Works

In January 2017, Ryan Wilks were awarded a contract by Northern Sydney Local Health District to demolish an existing walkway connected to Chattery House and to remove and replace the Main Entrance Driveway Crossover from Denistone Road at Ryde Hospital.

Both areas required investigation and design works completed with consultation of numerous stakeholders that would be affected by power outages and temporary changes to egress in both areas.


The tender was based on a scope of work determined at a site meeting. The works included the relocation of the following services from the existing Chattery Walkway;

  • General Light and Power Circuits
  • Copper Submains to Distribution Boards
  • Aluminium Submains to Chattery House
  • Telecommunications Cabling Copper and Optical Fibre
  • Fire Services
  • Nurse Call
  • Security Services

These services had to be relocated from the walkway and installed underground adjacent and rise up a new service duct created on Chattery House. This allowed for the walkway to be safely demolished and the roof line of Chattery House to be restored.

As this was an active area of the hospital the area, egress was only restricted for two days minimising the impact on the Hospital Operations.

Once complete transitioned to Stage 2 the removal of the existing Main Entry Driveway crossover from Denistone Road, in a two-day window the old crossover was demolished and removed from site and the new one poured, with a larger footprint. At the end of day two road plates were installed with bitumen tapering to return the driveway back to full operation and to allow the new concrete crossover time to cure. After 10 days of curing, the road plates and bitumen were removed and the new crossover handed over for full use.

The Project was completed in June 2017.

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