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University of NSW – HVAC Upgrade and Repairs

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Ryan Wilks has recently completed our first two maintenance projects for University of NSW for Brookfield Global Integrated  Services which included major repairs and upgrading of a central air handling unit and the replacement of roof level chilled water pipework insulation and sheathing.


The AHU 5 Fan Repairs consisted of:

  • rust repairs and epoxy painting of the fan scroll, frame and guards,
  • replacement of 37 kw motor,
  • replacement of fan bearings,
  • replacement of belts and pulleys,
  • laser alignment
  • installation of VSD unit,
  • switchboard modifications to suit new drive
  • replacement of deep-bed filters and installation of new pre-filters.
  • General vacuum and clean up

The value of this service project was $35,000.00.

The Lowry Building project involved the repair (replacement) of placement of existing roof level chilled water pipework.  The works in involved the removal and disposal of approximately 96 meters and 32 bends of rusted and perished insulation, woodblocks & clips and sheathing and replacement with new which included;

  • the replacement of insulation,
  • replacement of wood blocks,
  • levelling of the existing pipework, and
  • installation of  new stainless steel sheathing and levelling of the pipework.

The value of this service project was  $23,000.00

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