• $ 550k

Tamworth Communications Facility – Electrical, SGP & HVAC Upgrade

The Tamworth Communications Facility required additional telecommunication equipment, therefore the existing air conditioning and electrical system was deemed to have insufficient capacity to support the new equipment load. As a result, an upgrade of the existing air conditioning and electrical system were required to accommodate the load increase as follows:


Scope of Works (Electrical):

Installation of a 950A rated service protection device (SPD), and connection to the existing main switchboard.

Main Switchboard additions and modifications.

  • Upgrade of power supplies from the existing main switchboard and the existing SGP output board to the existing Rectifier Board DBG.02.

Scope of Works (Standby Power Supply Works):

  • Pre-delivery testing of an existing 250kVA standby generating plant (SGP) transported from Campbelltown NSW.
  • Delivery of the 250kVA SGP to Tamworth Telephone Exchange.
  • Installation and connection of a relocated 250kVA standby generating plant (SGP), with an acoustic/weatherproof enclosure.
  • Disconnection of the existing submain cable from the internal SGP output board to the existing mechanical services ATS – DBG-01.
  • Installation of new submain cable connection from the relocated SGP to the existing mechanical services ATS, including control and monitoring cables. Testing and commissioning of the relocated SGP and associated controls.

Scope of Works (Mechanical / HVAC)

  • Tamworth Telephone Exchange is a 3 storey building with active Equipment Rooms on Ground, First and Second Floor. The new infrastructure installation was implemented at the northern end of the Level 1 Equipment Room. The proposed area was currently served off a common Air Conditioning system serving both Level 1 and Level 2 comprising 3 No. off Temperzone air cooled split DX Units, (SAC’s 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3), located in a Plant Room on Level 2, and complete with associated roof top condensers. The existing SAC’s were installed in 2009, and were each rated for 94kW GTH/87kW GTSH. The system currently had an estimated cooling capacity of approximately 261kWr(25C)/226kWr(35C), which was not sufficient to handle the projected load of 285kWr(25C)/265kWr(35C), (post implementation of the additional load). In order to provide sufficient capacity to support the projected equipment load, and comply with the client standard’s redundancy requirements, the 3 No. off existing 87kWr rated SAC units were retained, and supplemented with an additional 1 No. off new 39kWr split DX unit located on Level 1.
  • Supply and installation of one (1) factory assembled cooling only air cooled split DX units, the new Fan Coil Unit is located on Level 1. New condensing unit is located on the roof next to the existing condensing units. Additional secondary steel work will was installed on the existing roof top platform.
  • The 3 No. Off existing Temperzone split DX units located on Level 2 were recommissioned to suit new load requirements.

Value $ 550,000.00

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