• $ 600k

Paddington Telecommunications facility – UPS Life Cycle Replacement

This project entailed replacing an outdated No-Break Power System (NBPS) in one of Sydney’s primary CBD telecommunity facilities, which accomodates a major overseas telecommunication carrier. The condition of the existing Thycon based 3 x 150 kVA NBPS (arranged in a synchronized parallel redundant ‘N+1’ configuration) had deteriorated and several recent unplanned outages highlighted that the system was unreliable.


Before installation work could commence, testing was carried out to prove functional switching of the existing UPS system to ensure that 2 out of the 3 Thycon UPS’s would support building load if a single UPS was removed from service. This testing was conducted over a period of 48 hours, and required the use of specialised switching techniques due to the system’s history of instability.

Space limitations within the facility meant that equipment had to be cut over in stages, the first of which involved decommissioning one redundant UPS to create space to install and commission the new single MGE UPS. After this stage was complete and the new single UPS was functional, this supported full building load whilst the remainder of the system was decommissioned and removed. In the final stage, a second new UPS was installed and commissioned on a full redundant ‘2N’ arrangement.

Despite the barriers associated with limited space and out-dated unreliable systems, all stages of integrity testing, replacement and migration were successful due to strategic minute-to-minute program planning, structured contingency management and strong team communication. Ongoing communication with the major regional and international stakeholders ensured all expectations were met and there was no disruption to the UPS supply through both construction and commissioning phases.

The old NBPS system and associated input and output paralleling switchboards were replaced with a new UPS system comprising of:

  • 2 x new MGE 300kVA rated UPS c/w bypass supply Castel Key interlocking.
  • 2 x new 1600Amp ATS UPS Input Distribution Boards.
  • 2 x new 1600Amp UPS Output Distribution Boards.
  • 6 x 300Amp MIMs to Cable Junction Boxes.
  • 240mm² Fire Rated Cable Submains installed to AS3013 WS52W.
  • Decommissioning and removal of redundant static switches within existing UPS DB’s.
  • Intake / Outake Air supply upgrade within UPS / Battery Room with new Mechanical DB c/w VSD Control for 11 fans.
  • AMS / BMS installation to all new electrical equipment.
  • Demolition and removal of existing 3 x 1.5 tonne UPS System and associated batteries.
  • Material handling and storage with limited space and disruption to the building operations.
  • On site Dummy Load Testing of new MGE UPS utilizing 475 KVA mobile Generator Plant installed street side.

Value $600k

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