• $ 200k

Queensland Performing Arts Centre – House lighting dimmer racks

The Queensland Performing Arts Centre needed to replace the existing “ETC Sensor” house lighting dimmer racks within the Lyric, Playhouse & Concert Hall Theatres. The dimmer racks drive and dim the house lighting above the stalls in each theatre and had reached their end-of-life.

Arts Queensland on behalf of their QPAC tenant engaged Ryan Wilks to undertake the works and the dimmers were replaced with new LSC EKO dimmer racks. The DMX Control systems were also upgraded to improve dimming reliability and consolidate the dimming systems.


During the contract works a previously suspected harmonic issue (identified prior to the contract works) presented itself by way of interference with the new Lyric Theatre house lighting dimmer modules. Reactive works were undertaken immediately, at the time the issue presented, by Ryan Wilks in conjunction with QPAC staff to bypass the issue and ensure performances could continue the same evening. The over-seeing consultant AECOM engaged NHP to undertake a power quality study within the three venues and report on their findings. It was identified that a harmonic compensation solution was required and so harmonic filtering devices were installed and commissioned in the three venue’s main switch rooms, all completed by Ryan Wilks.

Value $200k

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