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Sydney CBD Building – Essential Services Compliance

After a review of a Sydney CBD building to assess the essential services compliance a number of changes to the buildings fire zones were nominated and a full inspection of the fire dampers throughout the building was carried out. A report was generated which outlined the condition and operation of the individual fire dampers throughout the building. Ryan Wilks scope of works was to reassess the report and carry out detailed inspections of existing fire dampers given the changes to fire zones, make recommendations on the works required to enable compliance and provide a price for the associated works.

Utilising existing documentation our qualified staff marked up existing drawings showing fire dampers that are proposed for removal, dampers that are to be retained and what works are required to existing fire dampers to enable certification. Once these inspections, recommendations and price were agreed Ryan Wilks proceeded with the works. The works were tedious, detailed and time consuming given the location of the dampers as in some area’s new services had been installed with no regard to access to the existing fire dampers. The fact that the HVAC system was required to stay partially operation in a functional 24/7 building also added to the level of coordination required to complete the works.

After successful completion of the works our qualified staff could not believe the variance of non-compliant fire dampers and the lack of apparent mis understanding of the code. Given that so many trades can be required to carry out works associated with fire dampers the industry training could be so wide that it would be almost impossible to implement. Trades such as bricklaying, gyprocking, carpentry and sheet metal can all play an important role in providing a compliant fire damper installation. All services trades could also do with training in awareness of fire dampers with regard to access requirements for inspections and operation.

On completion of the project Ryan Wilks were committed to providing some very basic training about compliance with fire dampers and developed a very basic publication to enable some internal training of staff. We have attached this publication to illustrate some of the pit falls we found not only on this project but in the industry in general.

If you have any questions in regard to essential services compliance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Project Value $ 400k

Fire Damper For Beginners Training Module Rev A 11.02.15

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