• $ 650k

University Technology of Sydney – Submains Upgrade works – Level 1 to 29

As part of the UTS Campus infrastructure expansion 4 new buildings were let for construction. The UTS engaged Ryan Wilks to supply and install a 2000amp submain within building 1 from the level 29 main switchboard to a main distribution board on level 1, to provide power to 2 of the 4 new buildings. Building 1 of the campus that operates 24 hours – 7 days a week containing critical laboratory, research, IT data rooms and postgrad works.


The work also required an extension to the existing level 29 switchboard and the  running of 16 x 500mm2 fire rate cables and support tray systems to support the 15 tons and 3Km of cables from level 29 to level 1. The cabling was run through the existing concrete structure requiring extensive structure scanning, coring, fire rating and included restricted access, confined space works and working over existing plantroom equipment and services.

The cable hauling process required specialised tractor braking systems, pulleys and support systems needed to be strategically positioned to enable an efficient installtion over a 10 day period. High importance on safety and zero interruptions to the operations or staff within the building was paramount.

It was determined that an additional 1250Amp supply was required from level 7 of building 1 and a 1280Amp supply from level 1 main switchboard was installed in conjunction with the base contract works.

As part of the construction works main buildings 1 & 2 had to be shut down to allow power to be cut over to the new switchboard extensions for levels 29, 7 and level 1. All works were completed as programmed and on-time.

Additional works were also to provide power for the new 2800kW(R) chiller and the new pump switchboards for building 11 and the new LRS library building.

Value$ 650k

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